Above picture is from 1938.

P and I have taken on a project that many have labeled as crazy. This c. 1920's Spanish Revival was a foreclosure that had been vacant for about 2 years. This blog is my attempt to document our renovations of what was once a grand old house. Maybe someday it will be again. Someday.

10 January 2011


The house appears to have always had central heat.  One giant system lived in the basement and heated the whole house.  In the 60's, central air conditioning was added and the system was split (one for the first floor and a new separate system in the attic for the second floor).  The system in the basement has been replaced since then but the attic system is c. 1968.

 Due some termite damage (another post) we removed floors on the main level.  Since we had the floors out, we decided to relocate the registers in the living room, dining room and kitchen.  It involved jack hammering out the concrete slab under the old wood floors and digging two feet deep trenches across three rooms.  It was a lot of work, but it should make the house much more comfortable by minimizing cold/hot spots caused by poorly placed registers.  
trench filled in with new duct work
large pile of dirt from trench excavation

open trench in living room   
trench with new ductwork

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